Rooted in the Imitation of Christ

Spreading the Goodnews of Jesus

Service to Humanity

Raising Future Generations

Who We Are

A religious congregation of the Roman Catholic Church, a "fraternity" of the Apostles of Hope is a small group of three or four brothers living together, often in the poorest areas of towns and villages where ordinary people live.

Most of the brothers do one work or the other, for this is a concrete way of imitating Jesus, who was an ordinary worker in Nazareth for several years.

Our Mission
& Vision

If you are interesting in joining the Apostles of Hope Congregation,
follow the steps below;

    • You must be at least 20 years old
    • You must have an average education
    • If you meet the conditions mentioned above, then contact the nearest fraternity of the Apostles of Hope Congregation.
    • If you seem to be called to religious life in the Fraternity, you will be invited to spend a year or two, sharing in the life of the brothers. This period is called Postulancy and Aspirancy.
    • After that, you will spend up to a year in a fraternity of formation for a stage called Noviciate, where you will be initiated into the religious life of the fraternity.
    • At the end of that, you will take the first vow, which is the usual vow of religious life.
    • Then you will spend 2 or 3 years in an ordinary fraternity, where you will be grounded in theological studies.
    • Then comes the final vows, when the studies are over, and at least 3 years after the temporary vows.

The aim of these years of training is to give you a better understanding of who God is, to whom we wish to give our lives, and what the plan for the salvation of mankind holds.

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