The Apostles of Hope is a religious community active only in Africa. We have been in West Africa since 1997 with the aim of giving hope to those who have lost hope. We Work in the poorest territory forgotten by society and live in the same conditions as them.

Be a true witness of faith, hope and love with your testimony of life and radical lifestyle. Brothers have no health insurance or pension contributions and live only for Jesus without worrying about tomorrow.

The Origin of the Apostles of Hope

Our vocation springs out of the message and the example of the life of a priest called Charles De Foucauld who lived in Algeria in the middles of the last century. He died on  December 1st, 1916. 
In 1933, several years after the death of Charles de Foucauld, a french priest called Rene Voillaume, accompanied by a few brothers, went to the desert to follow his footsteps. This was the beginning of the Congregation of the Little Brothers of Jesus which metamorphosed in 1997 to The Apostles of Hope Congregation.

Our Lifestyle

A "fraternity" of the Apostles of Hope is a small group of three or four brothers living together, often in the poorest areas of towns and villages where ordinary people live. We gather once in a month to do a "review of life", share our joys and difficulties, get to know one another better and to grow together in the Lord.
WE ARE PRAYERFUL: We have a room kept aside for prayers and for the celebration of the Eucharist. The chapel is arranged in a simple way according to the customs of the host country. In the chapel of each fraternity we keep the blessed sacrament. Everyday we come into His presence for times of adoration and prayers of praise and petition for ourselves and for others. 

WE WORK TO EARN A LIVING: We do not condone laziness. So most of the brothers engage in one trade or the other. This is to earn a living and also a way of building relationship with the people in the community to whom we are sent.

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