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Formation is the process by which a man prepares for life as a priest or brother. Continued discernment is an essential part of formation, since the process gives a man the tools and experience he will need in order to discern well. Formation also helps a man grow into his identity as a priest or brother.

Formation is a long and incremental process. There are many steps along the way so that a man can come to understand his vocation more fully without constantly worrying about “the big decision” of whether or not God is calling him to be a priest or brother. We are committed to forming priests and brothers who are not only competent and zealous, but also dedicated to continual growth in holiness. The Church deserves nothing less.

From the very beginning of the Church, there have been men and women who have been drawn by the Holy Spirit to follow Christ with greater freedom. They have sought to imitate Him through committing themselves to poverty, chastity and obedience (these are called the “evangelical counsels”). This means that consecrated people commit to giving everything (poverty) and doing anything (obedience) in God’s service, as a loving response to God’s love for them (chastity) and in our congregation 4 th vovs bring hope to the hopless in rular area via prayer and work of charity

Consecrated means “set apart.” Those called to consecrated life are “set apart” by God for this particular way of life which “expresses the deepest nature of the Christian vocation and the yearning of the Church as the Bride for union with her sole Spouse.” In this “we see the hand of God who, in his Spirit, calls certain individuals to follow Christ more closely, to translate the Gospel into a particular way of life, to read the signs for the times with the eyes of faith and to respond creatively to the needs of the Church” (Pope Francis, Letter to all Consecrated People).

Like all vocations, consecrated life is not an end in itself but it serves to sanctify the individual and to build of the body of Christ.

Formation stages

  • Aspirancy
  • Postulancy
  • Noviciate
  • Temporary vows
  • Final profession

Please note that our congregations is for brotherhood not for priesthood.
Among monks we select few to become a priest only for the propose of fraternity.

ASPIRANCY is a new step of commitment during which the man considers more seriously just what the shift from his current life into religious life will entail. During this time, he ought to deepen his routine of prayer, study, frequent confession, daily Mass, and aid to the poor.
Aspirancy last for 6 months.

POSTULANCY is a transitional period of formation in which a woman begins to experience living with us in community. Under the guidance of the director of postulants, a woman at this stage resides in a formation house and travels throughout the province, getting to know the Brothers and their ministries
Postulancy lasts for 6 month

NOVITIATE is a house of formation where new members of religious congregations get to know God, their community and themselves better.
It is time of study Constitution and Status of Congregation. It lasts for one year.

TEMPORARY VOW The first vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and bring hope to the hopeless via prayer and work of charity are called temporary vows, renewable every years, for a period of three to five years. The young professed monk wears a habit , clock , cross as a sign of his commitment and of the faithfulness of God. It’s also the time to forward education to university stage.